Affordable Online Therapy Tips Insights

Affordable Online Therapy: Tips & Insights

In recent years, we have seen a remarkable shift in how we approach mental health care. Traditionally, therapy was considered an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. Today, however, a growing wave of affordable online therapy options and new approaches such as my 3D Human Therapy© have reshaped the field.

Quality of Treatment and Therapist Qualifications

First and foremost, it’s crucial to emphasize that affordability should not come at the cost of quality of care. The effectiveness of therapy largely depends on the qualifications of the therapist and the level of treatment provided.

A poorly qualified or inadequate therapist can do a lot of harm. When considering affordable online therapy options, always prioritize therapists who are licensed and experienced. Don’t hesitate to ask about their experience and verify their credentials. You can also ask for an intro session to make sure they seem suitable for your needs and ensure they specialize in the specific area you need support with.

Working with patients using video calls for over 5 years, I know it is the only effective format for online therapy that is really helpful and that allows for the therapeutic bond.

However, a word of caution concerning new online services that offer therapy via texting or chatbots. It’s crucial for therapists to observe your non-verbal cues and establish a therapeutic bond. I hold the belief that therapists who suggest treatments through methods such as text messages, email, or phone calls may not be providing a comprehensive and effective approach to therapy.

Democratizing Mental Health With Affordable Online Therapy

Online therapy services often cost less than traditional in-person therapy. The advent of affordable online therapy has brought a significant shift in the realm of mental health care, democratizing access to much-needed support. This transformative approach is breaking down traditional barriers that have long hindered individuals from seeking help for their mental well-being.

Even more, my unique approach, 3D Human Therapy©, goes further than typical online therapy because it enables my patients to:

  1. Create effective coping mechanisms right away
  2. Go deeper faster into their present issues
  3. Deal with old blockages and traumas constructively
  4. Empower themselves with the well-being toolkit I’ve taught them.

My unique approach: 3D Human Therapy

Different from the typical therapeutic approaches, 3D Human Therapy© is a therapy that includes affect. Without noticing it, affect is what we experience every 250 milliseconds or so. It constitutes the basis of what we experience at any given moment. In other words, affect is the fabric of our lives.

An affect has a 3-dimensional structure:

  • Bodily activation: from passive to active
  • Bodily tension: from slack to tense
  • Proto-representation: from visceral well-being to discomfort. This can be simplified as good or bad.

Unless we ask ourselves how we feel, we actually don’t notice our affect. Although affect is a more complex concept, it can be equated to the “feeling space” in contrast to the “thinking space”.

Commonly, therapy only focuses on the “thinking space,” which is the past and future, while ignoring the “feeling space,” which as we saw above is what we are constantly experiencing right now, the present.

From my years of experience as a psychotherapist and my work on meditation and health, I’ve developed a well-being toolkit. These tools create a holistic connection between our body and our mind. By working with physical tools such as breathing and meditation, we can work on these 3 affect dimensions to release negative affects trapped by old traumas or archaic anger.

Why is it so important? Because when people cut themselves off from their feeling space because of trauma or pain, they end up living like zombies.

Feeling good in your skin is essential to feeling good in your head!

Dr. Elefant-Yanni

What’s exciting with my process, is that with one session a week and consistent commitment to your well-being program, you can work as in-depth as you would with psychoanalysis, which requires at least 4 sessions a week. To be frank, you save time and money with a therapeutic approach that is more efficient and empowering, and that’s important when seeking affordable online therapy.

Making the Most of Your Online Therapy Experience

Easier to afford

Whether you decide to work with me or another online therapist here are some important things to keep in mind. While affordability is a significant advantage, making the most of your online therapy experience requires active participation and commitment. No therapist has a magic wand, but they hold the map to your progress and you are the one doing the actual work.

Notable advantages of online therapy that go beyond affordability include:

Reducing Barriers to Follow Through

Online therapy has shown promise in increasing follow-through rates compared to traditional in-person therapy. The convenience and reduced stigma associated with online sessions often encourage individuals to commit to their treatment plans. This increased engagement can lead to more positive outcomes in the long run.

An Investment in Your Well-being

You’ve likely heard it before: “Self-care isn’t selfish.” In a world where burnout and depression are so widespread, taking care of your mental health is good self-care. Invest in your well-being before reaching breaking point. It’s the best way to ensure your long-term health.

Key Takeaway – Affordable Online Therapy

Remember, the key to effective therapy lies not just in affordability but in the quality of treatment and therapist qualifications. A well-qualified therapist can make all the difference, ensuring a therapeutic bond that fosters genuine progress.

Democratizing mental health through affordable online therapy is not just a trend but a transformative shift. My unique 3D Human Therapy© goes beyond the conventional, providing a toolkit for immediate coping mechanisms, faster exploration of present issues, and constructive resolution of old blockages and traumas. It’s a holistic approach that empowers you with the tools to take charge of your well-being.

Feeling good in your skin is the foundation of feeling good in your head. My approach allows you to work as in-depth as psychoanalysis but with the flexibility of just one session a week. This isn’t just a cost-saving measure; it’s a more efficient and empowering path to mental well-being.

Ready to prioritize your mental well-being? Book an appointment with me today and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Your mental health matters – let’s take the first step together.

~ Enjoy Life & Carry On ~
Dr. Elefant-Yanni

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